Securing Futures

Underwriters spend a lot of time searching for the best quote, user account information. Some find it’s difficult to locate the info they need.

This is a problem because this is time they could be using to generate more leads for customer acquisition which would lead to more revenue for the company.

Securing Futures insurance app mockup
Clarion Door
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User and Stakeholder feedback Clarion Door
Listening Tours

Research and discovery

Conducting stakeholder and customer interviews allowed us to understand our user's needs. These insights acted as a jumping-off point as we began to brainstorm solutions that would ensure a better experience for our users.


Defining and scoping

Keeping in mind our over-arching objective to make it easier and more efficient to search for and find data, we limited our scope to four main objectives. See examples below
User research solutions
Table scroll and actions

Table scroll and actions

Advances Search

Advanced Search and filters

UI Design

Visual Language

With the visual language of the application largely in place, we focused on defining our styles within these constraints. Our goal was to keep components simple, consistent and accessible.
Mockup flexible date selectionMockup showing table and search optionsMockup showing typography hierarchyMockup showing dropdown componentsMockup showing color style for projectMockup showing interactive components for project


Prototyping and testing

We went through many revisions of the design and at each juncture, we tested the prototype with both stakeholders and customers. Observing their interactions with the prototype and listening to their feedback helped us to spot small errors and to refine both the components and the user flows.
Advances Search

Advanced Search functionality


Potential outcomes

While outcomes are yet to be measured, we are predicting a good return on investment from the redesign including an increase in customer retention, new customer acquisition and consequently increased sales and revenue.
Advances Search

Final Interface Design


What I learned

As I reflected on what had gone well and what hadn’t gone so smoothly during the project, I was reminded of a couple of things.
Seek user feedback
We discussed 4-5 solutions for the table design, each with it’s trade-offs. It was only by getting feedback that we were able to narrow down our choices and land on the final solution.
Be a teacher
Don’t assume clients know how to navigate Figma or can figure it out. Write instructions, label everything and be willing to walk them through it or give them a guided tour.
Embrace the role of expert
When a client hires me they are looking for an expert to take them through the design process. Anticipate next steps and guide them along to keep the process moving.